Case Studies including Export Packaging

From small and delicate products to 20 tonne machinery, we can provide all your export and relocation services.

Exporting Goods and Company Re-location - Worldwide

Manufacture of specialized pallets, packing cases and crates - co-ordination of freight forwarders, crane and heavy equipment hire, as well as factory clearance.

Call Rob West on 01752 664345 for advice and assistance and see our case studies below.


Packaging for Pipex

Pipex px® off-site manufacture advanced thermoplastic C.S.O. chambers on a regular basis, for many clients up and down the country, with R West and Son constructing the shuttering around the chambers to allow for an immediate concrete pour around them. Read more industrial packaging

Pipex in Modbury

Vortok assessment of R. West Services.

We supply ISPM15 compliant packing cases, they make components for Railways.
See Here


By Air to China - what a heavy payload !

10 ton pieces of machinery to be exported to China presents interesting challenges, see how the project progressed here: Machinery Export to China

Export services to China

You've Made Your Bed Now Lie in it !

A gentleman from Florida, after moving over from the UK was struggling to find a decent mattress in the States. He found exactly what he was looking for in Plymouth at

R. West and Son packed this mattress in a timber packing case with a waterproofed lid, shipped the consignment into Orlando Airport, USA.

What the customer said:

Hello Rob,
just to let you know that I collected the mattresses last week. I am more than happy with the way you crated them. I would have no hesitation in using your services again or recommending you to anyone else that would benefit from your expertise.
Finally nice to have had a decent nights sleep.
Best regards, Mr. A. B.

Packing Caes for exporing a mattress to the USA


Handle Sophie Carefully

Sophie is a Bronze resin sculpture, measuring 600 x 600 x 600mm. She was purchased from FoweyRiver Gallery, by an Australian family who fell in love with her and would like her sitting in their garden, back in Australia.

Read more here....Fine art and sculpture packing and shipping

Fine art export packing services


A Trip to the Philippines - Machinery Packed and Dispatched

A large machine had to be methodically packed and shipped to the Philippines on behalf of a well known multinational company.

Machinery packed machinery packaging
Industrial packaging for export Export Packaging
Machinery sent overseas Packing services
Packed and ready for shipping abroad Philippines


R. West and Son refresh the parts other timber packing companies cannot reach.

Westomatic manufacture drinks vending machines, based in Newton Abbott. Recently acquired International status with Nestle ...... read more about our export packaging services here

Export Packaging Services


Top Secret Packaging Proves to be a Bit of a Game!

2 Packing crates been manufactured and delivered to XFX, the electronic gaming company, in Daventry, East Midlands. Not being used for Export, but a Publicity event. I suppose you could say “all packed up with no where to go”.

Packing Crate made to order Specialist packaging


BMW Motorcycle on it's Longest Trip.

A BMW Motorcycle (F650 GS) we safely crated and now bound for Dar es Salaan, Tanzania.

BMW Motor Bike shipped to Tanzania Three side and base complete
BMW F650 GS bound for Tanzania. Base and 3 sides complete.
Motorcycle bound for Dar Es Salaan Sides and Base complete
Internal supports in place. All sides complete, Dar Es Salaan beckons.
Packing Crate detail  
Packing crate detail.  


Yacht Mast on a Voyage to Switzerland!

A 15 metre long mast for Allspars, Plymouth, on its way to Lake Geneva. Mast weight approx 80 kg. 'A long job' !

Packing case over 15m long Mast inserted in to packing case Packaged and ready for shipping to Geneva
Packing case made to measure 15m Mast inserted Ready to be sealed and sent to Geneva


R. West and Son 'sees through' a Medical Project

An X-Ray machine and a Anaesthetic machine, purchased by an Indian Doctor, who is shipping them over to India, at his own expense. For use in some of the under privileged regions of the area. We collected from Derriford Hospital last week and finished packing for shipment in a few days.

x-ray machine On a pallet base
X-ray machine. X-ray and anaesthetic machine on a timber base.
Anesthetic Machine Packing case nearly ready for shipping to India
Anaesthetic machine. Sides and base assembled, almost ready for departure to India.

Fine Art Packed and Shipped to California, USA

We have recently completed packing a picture for a well know Cornish artist, Naomi Frears, featured on the BBC program, Coast. The picture was sold to a customer in California. Because of the high value of the picture ...
read more about our fine art packing service here

Fine Art Packing Service shipping abroad Fine Sent to the USA

Packaging Art - St. Michael's Mount moves to Isle of Man !

We like to think that a challenge broadens our horizons, but sending St. Michael's Mount to the Isle of Man could prove more than a little testing! Well, a framed oil painting on canvas turned out to be a little more manageable.
Read more about packaging art here

Packing Art for Shipping shipping abroad Export to Isle of Man



GRANT HOOPER - Head of Materials & After sales
"Finding a local company who could manufacture packing cases to meet the recent ISPM15 timber packaging regulations for our after sales department was high on our agenda. R West & Son in Plymouth has successfully provided us with a reliable solution to this problem" .......
read more about our industrial packing here
Specialist packing case for yacht propellor
Princess Yachts 61 Flybridge


The Disappearing Magician - International Illusionist heads for cruise ship

Alex Lodge required the specialist packaging of six illusions to reach the Norwegian Jade cruise liner in Barcelona, Spain by mid-December, only a four week turnaround!

Here are some of the specifications: 'the cases, to be painted Matt Black, I know you didn't ask for this but I think they will look much better, we can also cut some stencils, to have the Illusion name on each box. Swivelled rubber castors and clips are included, but no handles, metal chest handles are optional. We can also supply corner brackets to protect the corners from damage.'

Alex said after the successful conclusion of the packaging: ' I just want to say a massive thank you to you and your team in getting the cases made. They were fun getting them into the van as they are big, but they will do the job nicely

The freight company comes to pick up the illusions in there cases on Friday and the next time I hope to see them is on the ship so fingers crossed.'

Magicians Illusions Packaged Ready for the show on board the Norwegian Jade Specialist crates bound for Barcelona in less than 4 weeks!

Alex Lodge Montage

The Close-up magic of Alex Lodge

The Comedy Magic of Alex Lodge

The Illusions of Alex Lodge


Back in the USSR! 1960's Juke Box Bought on Ebay - Sent to Russia

Late 1960`s Juke Box in full working order. A customer had owned it for about 25 years, moved with him around his various homes including France, sold it on eBay to a Russian, who owns a bar in St Petersburg, wants it as a working piece in his bar, comes complete with several hundred, out of date 50p`s (the only item the slot mechanism can take!).

Export Packaging - Juke Box shipped to Russia


Vintage Trawler 'Sets Sail' For Sweden

A radio controlled vintage trawler measuring 1800 x 300 x 920mm was privately sold to a collector in Sweden. R. West and Son were contracted to ensure a safe, final voyage!

Radio controlled Model Trawler exported to Sweden Packaging for a Model Trawler


Lapmaster International Ltd

R West and Son have exclusively supplied Lapmaster with all our wooden packaging needs for at least 25 years for consignments ranging from a few kilograms to case weights of more than 20 tonnes. One of many prestigious projects involved a very large optical polishing machine shipped to the Lawrence Livermore Laboratory in the USA for use in the... read more about our export packing services here

Packaging for large Machinery Packing and Transportation of large and delicate machinery
From this....... To this! See full details here


Sagittarius Sporting Goods

European Office Avmar House 12 Church Street Southport PR9 0QT Reference: Moving the factory machinery to Xiamen - China...
"you not only manufactured specialized pallets - you also coordinated freight forwarders, crane and heavy equipment hire, through to excess equipment sales and even factory clearance was exceptionally beneficial to our group" ....
Full story about our relocation services here

Company Re-location Factory Clearance
From start .... To finish ..... read more


British Fly Reels Falmouth - " When we made the decision to move our manufacturing facility to China there were several issues that needed hands on management. When it came to shipping the machinery and components Rob and his team took full control of the move from arranging the containers to the packing and paperwork required to complete the move..... not simply removal services - we moved the whole company .... read more

Packaging a lathe for relocation Export services - Crane
Large machinery ? We can pack and ship it .... more


Eaton Aerospace

The end of a 10 month project has arrived, R West & Son have moved the Rolls Royce T900 manufacturing cell from Eaton Aerospace in Wimborne , Dorset to new manufacturing facility in Tijuana, Mexico...
Packing and moving from Dorset to Mexico - read more

Industrial Packing Container Arranged
Packing cases in the UK to .... Containers bound for Mexico


Studio Systems - Cornwall

“ recently moved down to the sticks of Cornwall from the  great hamster wheel of the M25 , Studio Systems was desperate to find a reliable and cost effective packers  for their Europe wide distribution of used recording studio mixing consoles... Industrial Packaging Service for a sound equipment company

Packaging for a Sound Deck Industrial Packing Services Sound equipment safely packaged


Keith Preston of Andrew Lusk & Co.

"We have been trading with R West & Son for 10 years now, annually giving them an order of between 20 and 200 sledge ration boxes for the use of expeditions in Antarctica"...
Packing Cases for Arctic Ration Boxes see the full story here

Wood packing case for ration box Packing cases custom made
Packing cases bound for the Arctic - more


Pipex Ltd

A chamber manufactured by Pipex and package by R. West and Son for delivery to Hinkley Point Nuclear Power Station. Large CSO chamber measuring 8.2m x 4.7m x 2.6m high.
Read more about packaging services for Pipex here

Chamber ready for packaging Onto low loader
CSO Chamber packed and delivered for Pipex to Hinkley Point Power Station. Pipex


Hot Boxes to Columbia

Recently completed by R West and Son, packaging three China Clay Chambers into packing cases and shipping them to Colombia. See full story of our timber packing cases here

Lowering the chamber onto the case base Partially assembled packing case
Lowering on the first chamber Wooden packing case assembly



Packed computer racks, awaiting transportation to Germany. More about our international packing here

Motorola International Packing Services
Tall order! Computer racks sent to Europe.


Datum Alloys Ltd

We are an international company who have been working in conjunction with R West over the past six years developing and modifying our packaging to meet the ever increasing requirements of our worldwide clientele.... component packing service - more here

We can supply packing wholesale pallets and all your export services including ispm 15

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