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Hot Boxes to Columbia

Recently completed by R West and Son, packaging three China Clay Chambers into packing cases and shipping them to Colombia.
Each chamber weighed approx 4 tons and had a diameter of 4.5 metres and were 1.5 metres high.

Unloading the packing cases next phase of packing process Timber unloaded next phase of packing process
Packing case materials arrive at Tilbury   Last of the timber, ready to start packing  
Lowering the chamber onto the case base next phase of packing process Two packed, one to go! next phase of packing process
Lowering on the first chamber   And the last one  
Partially assembled packing case next phase of packing process All done and awaitin transport to Columbia  
Wooden packing case assembly   Ready for dispatch to South America  

A police escort was required to transport them from Cornwall, on a low loader, to Tilbury Docks, where the cases were assembled. Finished cases where loaded onto ship as deck cargo.

Dear Rob,

Thanks for a great job regarding the special crates for Columbia, your
help and quick response is second to none.
I hope we can work together in the future.

David Stockley
Ceramic Machinery Sales

Call Rob for advice and estimates 01752 664345

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Timber cases for China Clay Chambers sent to Columbia

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