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Packing and Moving for Eaton Aerospace Wimborne

The end of a 10 month project has arrived, R West & Son have completed the packing and moving of a Rolls Royce T900 manufacturing cell from Eaton Aerospace in Wimborne , Dorset to new manufacturing facility in Tijuana, Mexico.
What looked like a logistical nightmare on paper,  moving a whole manufacturing cell across the other side of the World,  from the U.K. to Mexico, which was still in production, producing parts for Rolls Royce aircraft engines, went, in effect very well,  which has meant minimal disruption to Rolls Royce and Eaton Aerospace.

Industrial PackingAerospace PackingContainer Arranged

High value , calibrated, test jigs, tooling, fixtures and stock, where made available on a weekly basis, as they had finished their U.K. production cycle, they where then packed on pallets, crates or packing cases and shipped either by sea or air, depending on the urgency, to their destination in Mexico. To get back into production again, with minimal down time.
During the project, most of R West & Son`s  factory relocation resources were called upon, manufacturing of pallets, packing cases, crates, packing machinery, tools and stock,  loading and packing containers. With R West & Son, being on site on an almost weekly basis, overseeing and packing items as they became available for shipment.

We have been proud to be part of this project and would like to thank Expeditors of Avonmouth, who assisted with the shipment of all the freight, either by sea or air and for their help and support in the project.

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Industrial relocation case study.

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